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Information for Selling Your Home in Georgia

If you are looking to sell a home in Georgia, Melissa NeSmith is ready to work for you. As any good realtor should, she keeps her client’s interest at heart. She is dedicated to her clients and will make sure you get the best deal. It is important that you talk with your realtor and that you feel comfortable. After all, your realtor is representing you as the seller. You want a realtor that is approachable, kind and understanding, but one who is also a firm negotiator.

The home has served its purpose and you are ready to sell. Whether you are looking to move into a larger space or downsize, give Melissa a call. She will come to your home and provide some helpful tips that will ensure your home sells quickly and for more money. You may not see the wall paint is chipped, but an outsider would. This is very valuable when selling a home, as a relator has seen hundreds of homes and know what people say about various little things.

Selling a Home in Georgia

Is your home ready to sell? Look around, is there missing siding? A broken tile in the bathroom? Small things like this can make a huge impact. The buyers see the home in disrepair and will offer less, or even worse, not make an offer. Make sure all the light fixtures have working light bulbs in them too. It may sound silly but having a well-lit home is an important selling point. Although every home needs some repairs, not every repair is necessary to facilitate a sale. If you are not sure which repairs to make, just ask Melissa what she thinks is best.
If you have never sold a home, it can be scary, and sometimes sad, all at the same time. This is a place that you made many wonderful memories, in which you get to take with you. And, you are about to venture into another amazing new part of life. Whatever your reason, Melissa is there for you every step of the way.

Whether you have a lakeside home, a home with acreage or looking for a larger or smaller home, Melissa can help. Be sure to speak with Melissa to find your home’s actual value and listing price. Many homeowners have an idea, but Melissa will do a market analysis to determine the best price. This will ensure that your home will be in the right price range to attract buying customers. Give Melissa a call today!